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COVID-19 and
Disinfecting Services

Jani Solutions has introduced innovative sterilization techniques that are highly effective in killing COVID-19 and other pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.

  • We utilize UV sanitizing wands which create enough UV-C light to kill off viruses and bacteria in a matter of seconds. It’s an ideal size for sweeping over doorknobs, keyboards, or other surfaces often shared by many hands.
  • Our cleaners are highly trained in utilizing EPA approved disinfectants that have dwell time of 1-3 minutes.
  • We also offer “Electrostatic Precipitation cleaning” which sprays a mist that adheres to surfaces and objects and is effective in disinfecting for flu, viruses and COVID-19.

Modern Cleaning Technology

Jani Solutions uses cutting edge equipment, cleaning products and processes for optimal cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Green Seal certified products and green processes for health and the environment.

Disinfecting Services

Jani Solutions offers Covid-19 and other deep cleaning services.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

From small offices to very large industrial facilities, Jani Solutions has you covered

Discover what clean can do for you!

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