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For over 30 years we have proudly serviced many commercial contractors.

If you have a new construction project or are renovating or otherwise updating your facility, we have the people, the know-how and the experience to get the job done.

We can help you through all phases of your construction or renovation:

Initial Phase:

  • Rough Cleaning: During the first phase of cleaning, we assist with removal of large leftover pieces of debris, trash, plastic, and boxes. We also clean up after plumbing, electrical, and framing work and do light sweeping and removal of stickers from windows and other furnishings during this phase.

Second Phase:

  • Light Cleaning: During the second phase of cleaning, we clean new installations such as restrooms, kitchens, inside/outside of cabinets or other newly installed fixtures or furnishings. We focus on ensuring that everything is vacuumed, swept, and dusted off. Wall and window washing is also done during this cleaning phase.

Last Phase:

  • Final Clean: During the last phase, our crews perform a final dusting and sweeping of the building. And we spot clean bathrooms as well as fingerprints or dirt on walls, baseboards, and glass. During this phase, machine floor scrubbing may be performed on certain floors or wax may be applied on VCT flooring. We can make sure your new renovation or building will sparkle.

Some projects involve heavy cleaning while others focus on shining and polishing.

Regardless of the tasks required, we can expertly clean your new or renovated building.


Typical Post-Construction Services include:

  • Washing walls and baseboards
  • Debris removal
  • Glass cleaning
  • Dusting and sweeping
  • Polishing fixtures, vents, and lighting
  • Polishing doors and frames
  • Cleaning and washing windows
  • Machine scrubbing floors and waxing new VCT

Modern Cleaning Technology

Jani Solutions uses cutting edge equipment, cleaning products and processes for optimal cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Green Seal certified products and green processes for health and the environment.

Disinfecting Services

Jani Solutions offers Covid-19 and other deep cleaning services.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

From small offices to very large industrial facilities, Jani Solutions has you covered

Discover what clean can do for you!

Please contact us today to start receiving the service and quality you and your facility deserves.